⛓️ Tokenomics

$MONO Tokenomics


  1. Max Supply: 100,000,000 MONO token (ERC20)

  2. Growth: 42,000 initially, issue per 6,000 blocks, decay at 0.999

Minting vs Burning

  1. LPs providing liquidity in selected/promo pools will get non-transferrable $MONO shares

  2. Stake promo assets to get $MONO tokens: a. Protocol fees are allocated for purchasing and burning $MONO tokens. The initial reward will be 42,000 MONO issued per 6,000 blocks decay at 0.999

  3. Removing liquidity burns non-transferrable $MONO shares accordingly.

  4. Revenue is also allocated to our DAO Treasury owned by $MONO token holders

Future MONO Token (ERC20)

  • Future MONO is an ERC20 token that is tradable just like any other ERC20 token.

  • At TGE Future MONO is distributed to Seed and Strategic holders.

  • Future MONO releases the underlying MONO tokens based on the maturation schedule.

  • It allows us to release MONO slower while at the same time giving investors liquidity and control over when they wish to sell their tokens.

Initial Distribution

  1. % of $MONO tokens will be sold in Seed and Private round

  2. We will list MONO on our own AMM for the community. Listing Date TBD.

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