⛓️ Tokenomics

$MONO Tokenomics


    Max Supply: 100,000,000 MONO token (ERC20)
    Growth: 42,000 initially, issue per 6,000 blocks, decay at 0.999

Minting vs Burning

    LPs providing liquidity in selected/promo pools will get non-transferrable $MONO shares
    Stake promo assets to get $MONO tokens: a. Protocol fees are allocated for purchasing and burning $MONO tokens. The initial reward will be 42,000 MONO issued per 6,000 blocks decay at 0.999
    Removing liquidity burns non-transferrable $MONO shares accordingly.
    Revenue is also allocated to our DAO Treasury owned by $MONO token holders

Future MONO Token (ERC20)

    Future MONO is an ERC20 token that is tradable just like any other ERC20 token.
    At TGE Future MONO is distributed to Seed and Strategic holders.
    Future MONO releases the underlying MONO tokens based on the maturation schedule.
    It allows us to release MONO slower while at the same time giving investors liquidity and control over when they wish to sell their tokens.

Initial Distribution

    % of $MONO tokens will be sold in Seed and Private round
    We will list MONO on our own AMM for the community. Listing Date TBD.
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