At its core, MonoX is a next generation Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol redefining how users can participate in the peer-to-peer financial systems enabled by decentralized technologies built on blockchain networks.

Specifically, MonoX seeks to optimize and fix the capital inefficiencies posed by the Liquidity Pool Pair design. The protocol works by grouping deposited tokens into a virtual pair with vUNIT.

Single token liquidity pools are much more capital efficient which means they can become the infrastructure for superior DeFi products and services. Single token design results in lower trading fees, less capital needed to be a liquidity provider and less capital is siloed in multiple pool pairs, resulting in more capital being unlocked and free to use within the greater DeFi ecosystem.

First, we will be launching an Automated Market Maker (AMM). However single token liquidity pools can also be used to build optimized lending/borrowing products, as well as derivatives like futures and options trading.

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