Getting Started

Head over to and connect your wallet.

Click on the Pool tab to be directed to our pool page and add liquidity - only one token is needed.

For depositing tokens, we will have two types of liquidity pools.

Official Pools - (Only Official Pools Count for Airdrop)

Official pools will be initially created by the internal team, then eventually by the DAO. These pools will be available immediately at the time of launch. Our official pools will begin with:

  • Ethereum: ETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT


Depositing Liquidity

Please note we have some additional security measures for Liquidity Providers to safeguard the Protocol and protect our loyal apes from being rug-pulled:

  1. Largest LP holder of Trustless Listing pools can’t remove their LP within 3 months of pool creation

  2. Largest LP holder for Trustless Lising Pools can’t send out LP tokens to other users, within 3 month period

3. Users cannot remove liquidity if they have just added liquidity

A. For Trustless listing pools, it’s 24 hours.

B. For Official Pools it's 4 hours.

Trustless Pools

Trustless pools will allow anyone to launch their token. Any person or project will be able to launch their token in a permissionless manner. All you have to do is set an initial price and deposit liquidity for the token. When people start to purchase the token, the pool’s vUNIT balance will increase. We are completely open and permissionless.

As a built-in safety mechanism, the vUNIT balance for trustless pools will not be able to go below 0. This is to prevent malicious actors from listing a token and selling it back to themselves. Trustless pools may become official pools through a proposal and community vote.

A great use case for Trustless Pools are Value Backed Tokens (VBTs) you can read more from our recent blog post here.

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