⚖️vUNIT Reserve Currency

What is vUNIT?

vUNIT is our upgrade from the old vCASH stabelcoin which we used to power the protocol during our first iteration of MonoX. It now serves additional utility to the platform not just being the primitive that creates a virtual pair, offering our users single-sided liquidity.

The three functions of currency are:

1. Unit of account (All the assets on our DEX express their value in terms of vUNIT)

2. Store of value (As a reserve currency backed by assets)

3. Medium of exchange (Every swap on our protocol routes through vUNIT. Token A -> vUNIT -> Token B)

From the above, vUNIT is a more robust currency that fits into the three core functions of currency by definition.

vUNIT is the glue that underpins the entire protocol. It is not a stablecoin, but instead a reserve currency. The role of vUNIT in the MonoX ecosystem provides utility in two ways:

Utility: Reserve Currency

  • On one side we have the bonding mechanism that acquires assets and protocol-owned liquidity to our treasury. vUNIT then provides a free-floating value based on the treasury reserves and gives intrinsic value to the reserve currency. Ideally, vUNIT will always be worth more than 1 USDC and that is the floor price.

Utility: Using vUNIT for Virtual Pairs

  • vUNIT, is still the key to offering single-sided liquidity for our users. It’s what powers the protocol and uses the same mechanics as before in our AMM. We use vUNIT to create a virtual pair when depositing tokens into a liquidity pool on our platform.

How is vUNIT Backed?

vUNIT is backed by our treasury accumulated from assets via our bonding program. It is not pegged 1:1, rather because our treasury backs the currency which the protocol can buy back should it ever fall below 0. However, vUNIT is also backed by the liquidity in our pools. The sell function mints vUNIT as the physical token. In essence, vUNIT is backed further by the liquidity itself in our pools, not just the assets in our treasury. vUNIT is this instance is only backed when there is a positive vUNIT balance in the pool. Trustless listing pools cannot go below 0 for vUNIT balance.

One can also trade vUNIT outside of MonoX. This is something we didn’t have before with our previous vCASH token.

How To Get vUNIT

Purchase from Market

  • Users can swap any ERC token directly to vUNIT.

When users withdraw liquidity, they will receive vUINT (as well as their liquidity) if there is a positive vUNIT balance in the pool.


  • Users can participate in our bonding program to purchase discounted vUNIT.

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