๐Ÿš€Launch Features

Our first product is an Automated Market Maker using the single token liquidity pool design.


  • Purchase discounted vUNIT in exchange for stabelcoins, and LP tokens


  • Stake your vUNIT for yield


  • Trade between any ERC20 token listed on our platform.

  • Exchanging Token A with Token B always works by swapping Token A to vUNIT and then from vUNIT to Token B.

Providing Liquidity

  • Deposit tokens to a liquidity pool, receive your share of the pools reserve in the form of LP tokens. You only need to deposit one kind of token.

  • Start earning trading fee rewards for pool activity.

Removing Liquidity

  • Redeem your pro-rata fee rewards by withdrawing/burning your LP tokens.

Official Pools

  • Official pools have been approved by the DAO.

  • Tokens are deposited into a virtual pair with vUNIT.

Trustless Listing Pools

  • Permissionless listing of new tokens

  • vUNIT balance cannot go below 0. (User protection feature).


  • Lock up project tokens in a smart contract until maturity date

  • Receive Futures tokens that function as a 1:1 synthetic token representing project token

  • Once maturity date is reached, burn futures tokens for project tokens

MonoX Future Features/Products:

Borrowing and Lending - TBD

Derivatives - TBD

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