✨Launch + Airdrop

There will be two parts to the airdrop. Part One is based on liquidity and referred liquidity, and Part Two is based on surprise factors, in which the community can vote on what should be considered.

Update Jan 2022. We will be distributing the Airdrop soon once we relaunch.

Targeting 50-200% APY*

Part One

Each user will be ranked with a score based on the amount of liquidity they have provided directly or indirectly to our Official Pools. User scores will be comprised of:

  • Liquidity Deposited

  • Referred Liquidity Deposited

  • Length of time liquidity is deposited


We will use the below methodology for calculating how the Airdrop will be distributed:

(Amount of Liquidity * time: how long liquidity stays in the pool) + (Amount of referred Liquidity * (time: how long liquidity stays in the pool) = Your Score

Final ranking: Your Score / Total Scores

If you do not have a huge amount of liquidity to deploy, the referral system gives you a chance of increasing your score by successfully referring someone (or multiple) who then deposits liquidity to the pools. Refers counted are for direct referrals only.

For example: Person A referred Person B. Person B then deposits 10k. In this case, the referred 10k counts for Person A for Referred Liquidity Reward Pool. And the 10k counts for Person B in the Liquidity Reward Pool.

Referred Liqudity is weighted less than depositing your own liquidity.

We wanted to thank our community for their early support and a 10% bonus will be applied for all addresses that used our beta product. Make sure to use the same address you used for our beta to have the 10% bonus automatically applied. The bonus is contingent on supplying liquidity, and based on your original score. For example, if your original score is 100, with the bonus, your score would be 110; if the original score is 0, even with the bonus, the score would be 0.

The Airdrop will be distributed two weeks after TGE (Date still TBD)

Step 1: click on your wallet address to open up 'Account'

Step 2: Click on copy referral code and it will give you a personal referral link that you can share based on your connected wallet.

Part Two

The second part of the airdrop will be distributed another two weeks after Part One. Participants can use their $MONO tokens to vote and choose one of four surprise factors to be considered. The team will propose two and the community will propose two. Then there will be a DAO vote for which factor we will use to determine Airdrop distributions. We will release more details closer to the date of Part Two.

For example, factors that could be included for Part Two:

  • Swaps (trade volume)

  • Total number of addresses referred

  • New pools created with a positive vUNIT balance

  • Liquidity for trustless pools

  • Liquidity for trustless pools

The Airdrop will be distributed two weeks after Part One (Date still TBD)

BOTH Airdrops will be distributed on Polygon

US and Chinese Citizens cannot participate in the airdrop.

*The interest rates and APYs may change. The APYs were accurate as of 10/20/2021.

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