Launch Features
Our first product is an Automated Market Maker using the single token liquidity pool design.


    Trade between any ERC20 token listed on our platform.
    Exchanging Token A with Token B always works by swapping Token A to vCASH and then from vCASH to Token B.

Providing Liquidity

    Deposit tokens to a liquidity pool, receive your share of the pools reserve in the form of LP tokens. You only need to deposit one kind of token.
    Start earning trading fee rewards for pool activity.

Removing Liquidity

    Redeem your pro-rata fee rewards by withdrawing/burning your LP tokens.

Official Pools

    Official pools have been approved by the DAO.
    Tokens are deposited into a virtual pair with vCASH.

Trustless Listing Pools

    Permissionless listing of new tokens
    vCASH balance cannot go below 0. (User protection feature).
    Lock up project tokens in a smart contract until maturity date
    Receive Futures tokens that function as a 1:1 synthetic token representing project token
    Once maturity date is reached, burn futures tokens for project tokens

MonoX Future Features/Products:

Borrowing and Lending - TBD
Derivatives - TBD
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